Top Secret Aircraft Information

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Wiki Pages


Blackstar space plane

TR-3A Black Manta

X-43 – Stealth Hypersonic UAV

Black Tiangle – UFO or secret aircraft?

Foo Fighter phenomenon (aka "balls of light in the sky") - Long history of flaming balls of fire following aircraft

Falcon / Blackswift HTV-3X - DARPA / USAF unmanned HCV hypersonic strike aircraft

RQ-3 DarkStar (aka Tier III) - high endurance stealth UAV, supposedly canceled, but may be a dark program now instead?

Boeing X-37B no longer classified - but it's top secret mission still is!

Information Links 

Boeing X-37B to launch April 20, 2010 - Article from

SR-72 announced - Long awaited replacement for SR-71

SR-72 - 2 yr old "rumor" article, but has some additional interesting comments not in newer press release

Northrop Grumman's Secret X-Bomber

TR-3A stealth deep reconnaissance aircraft

Lockheed "Brilliant Buzzard" - The Air Forces secret "shuttle" that puts satellites into orbit

Aurora Overview – comprehensive Aurora info

Aurora, SR-71 replacement? - basic program descriptions

Falcon HTV-3X

Blackstar two stage space orbiter – Quietly cancelled?

Blackstar – Article suggesting it never existed

X30 National Aerospace Plane (NASP) - Long running hypersonic R&D program

Secret Aircraft Overview –

Aurora – Basic explanation –

Top 5 previously secret aircraft confused for UFO’s– Popular Mechanics magazine

New Russian Stealth fighter (T-50?)

Bird of Prey - New top secret aircraft reveled

RQ-170 Sentinel - mid-altitude UAV

Stealth "Triangle" Blimp - Story of a fisherman that interacted with one in San Francisco Bay

Super STOL - One off Marine prototype ground attack aircraft

Technical Reference

Dr. Jean-Pierre Petit technical papers explaining top secret propulsion used in hypersonic aircraft and torpedos. Petite is a widely recognized authority on magnetohydrodynamics, fluid mechanics, plasma physics and electromagnetism.


TR-3A Black Manta - only known video of Black Manta

Computer generated images of suspected top secret aircraft

Aurora video evidence?

Hypersonic scramjet test video

Falcon HTV-3X- computer generated demo video (pt1)

Falcon HTV-3X- computer generated demo video (pt2)


General Aviation Forum - Keypublishing, occasionally has some top secret discussions

AboveTopSecret - Secret aircraft discussions

Related Pages

Area 51 article – Popular Science (very in-depth article)

RQ-3 DardStar – Wiki page for possibly cancelled UAV (or non-existent?)

New large hanger construction at area 51

"Unofficial" Area 51 information web site - Has satellite photo's as recent as 2009

Lockheed Martin X-33 - Single stage space plane. Not classified, but gives idea of technical capabilities

X-40 Space Maneuver Vehicle - extensive information on this project

Evidence there is NO SR-71 follow up - collected comments by congress & DOD regarding lack of real time surveillance aircraft

Article questioning the reality of many secret aircraft sightings

Non-standard plane designations - what sounds like secret test aircraft, but were really the US testing Soviet planes at Groom Lake

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